Eltako GmbH


Innovation by tradition:
A company with a history and a future

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For more than 65 years the name Eltako has been synonymous with capability and imaginative product design - the hallmark for the very highest levels of competence and quality in the development and manufacture of innovative products for installation in buildings and use in control technology.

In 1949 Horst Ziegler, the company founder and engineer, presented the first Eltako current impulse switches in Stuttgart. This was the first step to create a product range of state-of-the-art switchgear driven by on-going innovation. Eltako is an acronym derived from the German "Elektrischer Tast-Kontakt" meaning "electrical push-button contact" and has quickly become synonymous with high-quality impulse switches and switching relays. Eltako has long been Europe's No.1 manufacturer of equipment of this kind. Eltako also belongs to the market leaders or is market leader and technology leader when it comes to dimmer switches, staircase time switches, mains disconnection relays and multifunction time relays and energy meters.